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Parents concerned about safety after 3 students hit by car in school parking lot

Posted at 5:17 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 17:36:59-04

UNION TOWNSHIP (CLERMONT COUNTY), Ohio -- Some West Clermont High School parents are worried about their children's safety after three students were hit by a car in the school parking lot Wednesday.

Tim Klanke is one of them. He said that he sometimes sees other people who are not aware of how drop-off works at the school.

"They're not familiar with the situation - like maybe I am and other parents - that kids just walk across the lot," he said.

Klanke and some other parents believe that the school needs to put out traffic cones and hire people to direct the flow of traffic.

"This day and age, the kids have headphones in ear, they might be on the phone," Klanke said. "They're just as bad as the drivers who are distracted in the parking lot. It kind of goes both ways."

School spokesman Scott Spicher said they already have staff members outside, as well as two resources officers who monitor traffic.

"We evaluate our parking lots every day," he said. "We are trying to make sure they're as safe as we can make them. We have changes coming that are at works before this even happened."

None of the injuries Wednesday were life-threatening, according to police.

Parking lot problems go beyond the home of the Wolves, according to AAA spokeswoman Jenifer Moore.

"More than 500 crashes occur in parking lots annually, which is a huge number," she said. "And more than 60,000 injuries occur as a result of those crashes."

Frequently, parked cars create blind spots, making it harder to see and increasing a driver's response time.

"Driving in parking lots can be dangerous if both pedestrians and drivers are not taking the proper precautions to make sure everyone's safe," Moore said.

That's why Klanke wants change now.

"We need a solution to prevent the problem," he said.