Route 32 congestion solution in the works

Posted at 6:26 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 19:14:34-04

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Big improvements have been made to the Interstate 275 interchange with Route 32 in Clermont County, but there are still big backups father east during rush hours.

CPA Donald Donohoo said the congestion is impacting his business on Route 32, taking 15-20 minutes to get through rush hour traffic.

"It's extremely inconvenient," he said. "People wouldn't come here during rush hour."

Help is on the way, coming in several phases. An extra eastbound lane will be added from Glen Este-Withamsville Road to Olive Branch-Stoneline Road starting next spring. An overpass will eventually take Glen Este-Withamsville Road over Route 32. Future bridges may be built over Route 32 on Elick and Bach-Buxton roads and Old Route 74.

"I think it needs to be done," Donohoo said.

Cheryl Hendrix at Shear Reflections Salon agreed. When traffic gets heavy on Route 32, drivers detour to Old 74 in front of her business, creating additional congestion.

"It backs up across the street and down Old 74," Hendrix said. "You see a lot of people getting impatient, pulling out in front of one another, lots of accidents."

In 2019, work will begin on a $13 million project to add new lanes to Old 74 and improve traffic lights.

"If they can estimate all those traffic lights and everybody can get a straight shot, it will alleviate some of the traffic here on Old 74," Hendrix said.

Back at Donohoo's firm, he's waiting for word whether Clermont County or Ohio officials will need his property to rework Clepper Lane.

"They say they'll put me in the same position I'm in right now," he said. "So, if they do that, I'll be satisfied with that. I'll be OK with that. Then, I've had other people tell me not to count on it."