Milford High School adds layer of security with Raptor Visitor Management System

Visitors must check in with state-issued ID
Milford High School adds layer of security
Posted at 5:55 AM, Mar 22, 2017

MILFORD, Ohio -- Milford Schools are taking security to the next level to keep students at its nine buildings safe. 

The school already has measures in place to keep out unauthorized people with its locked doors and cameras, but the changes are about knowing who's in the buildings at all times.

The Raptor Visitor Management System requires all visitors to have a driver's license or state-issued ID, which is scanned by the receptionist to enter visitors into the system before they get a ID badge to wear.

Milford High School Principal Josh Kauffman said the new system is an added layer of protection and transparency.

"We can set some custom alerts tied to a student or tied to an adult," Kauffman said. "So if there's a custody dispute, a temporary restraining order, a protection order in place, we can put an alert in there that just makes us aware that a certain student is not permitted legally to be taken into custody by an adult, and we would enforce that."

The system is already loaded with alerts for the 211 registered sex offenders in Clermont County although that doesn't mean they can't come inside.

"There's a notification that comes up, but again legally citizens and community members they have a right to their schools," Kauffman said. "So unless there's a legal reason to prevent them or some past history that we're aware of that would prevent us from allowing someone out into the building, really it's just about know who's in our building."

The system costs Milford Schools $4,300 a year for all the buildings in the district.