Student: Teacher slapped me in the face

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 18:31:02-05

MIAMI TOWNSHIP (Clermont County), Ohio — A Live Oaks Vocational School teacher is on paid leave pending an investigation launched after a student accused her of slapping her in the face.

According to Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development spokesman Jon Weidlich, the student accused the teacher of slapping her while trying to break up a dispute that had turned physical between the student and a classmate.

WCPO is not identifying the identities of the student, because she is a minor, or the teacher involved, pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“It was an allegation of physical contact between a teacher and a student,” Weidlich confirmed to WCPO Tuesday.

Specifically, the student’s family says the teacher slapped her once in the face, then apologized, saying her “motherly instincts kicked in.”

Weidlich did not confirm any of the family's claims, saying district protocol requires a full investigation, but also said they are taking the allegations seriously.

“In a situation like this, whenever there’s a serious allegation, a teacher would be placed on administrative leave in order for us to be able to talk to students and conduct an investigation quickly and easily,” Weidlich said.

Now, it’s a matter of talking to everyone involved in or who saw what happened.

“In any kind of eyewitness reports of something, there are variances in the stories,” Weidlich said. “We need to be able to sort through and figure out what really happened.”

Protocol also requires the district notify Children’s Protective Services.

Miami Township Assistant Police Chief told WCPO his department has a school resource officer at Live Oaks, who is aware of the accusation. But for now, they’re letting the school handle the investigation.

The student’s family still has the option to file charges with the Miami Township PD, but has not yet done so.

Once the investigation is completed, the district will hold a hearing for the accused teacher.

Family members of the student declined WCPO’s request for comment, saying they want to hear the outcome of the investigation before speaking to the media.