Partnership provides home visits for those who have overdosed

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 16:50:35-04

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- He knows what it’s like to be addicted to heroin.

Now Ozzy Blankenship has been sober for two years, and along with staying on the path to recovery, Blankenship is helping others find their way too.

“Everybody has a different rock bottom, and I had finally hit mine,” Blankenship said.

The Tri-State has hit a low point this week, with over 90 overdoses reported in Hamilton County alone since Tuesday.

That’s more than 90 overdoses in four days -- and of those overdoses, three were fatal.

Blankenship works with LightShine Addiction Recovery Services, a grassroot organization out of Goshen Township that provides treatment and sober living options to those suffering from addiction.

"People want to close their eyes and say I hope it doesn't come here. No you have to get out there and stop it," Blankenship said.

Katie Moore, with Goshen War on Heroin, has also joined the battle against addiction.

“We want to show these people and these family members that the township cares about them,” Moore said. “We’re worried about them, and we want to be there for them.” 

Goshen War on Heroin has partnered with Goshen Township Police to facilitate home visits for those who have either overdosed or been arrested for a drug-related offense.

In just two months the partnership has helped place two individuals in a drug rehabilitation center.

Goshen Township Police Chief Bob Rose said the partnership has made all the difference.

"Through these drug enforcement efforts, the goal is not to punish people per say, it’s to force them to get help,” Rose said.

The initiative has helped Debbie Dunham, whose son struggles with addiction.

“It was my answer ‘cause it did help,” Dunham said. “He went to several rehabs, and he's been clean since February 1, so we're doing awesome and we take one day at a time."

The long-term goal is that this concept will eventually be adopted by other communities hit hardest by the hands of heroin.

There were 21 overdoses reported Tuesday in Hamilton County, 43 Wednesday, 24 on Thursday and two on Friday.