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Cincinnati police give back to Hyde Park woman with long history of honoring officers

'This is someone who does something so special for us all the time'
Posted at 4:45 PM, Aug 19, 2020

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati police headed to Hyde Park for a special surprise visit to give something back to a woman who has given so much to them.

The gesture left her without words.

“I’m usually not speechless, but I’m speechless,” she said.

On Wednesday afternoon, police in patrol cars presented Mimi — who asked that her last name not be published — with three Cincinnati police flags. These flags are of particular significance to Mimi because they are her own design. It’s a project she started back in 2008 with her late husband to honor Cincinnati police officers whose exemplary actions set them apart from the rest of the force.

“I used to just put them in an envelope with a thank-you card and take them down to their house, because we love the police," Mimi said. "They are to be honored and respected.”

Over the years, Mimi has made hundreds of these flags. But today, she didn’t have to put any of her own sweat equity in the flags she received. These were professionally made for her and her two children as a thank-you for everything the family has done.

“This is someone who does something so special for us all the time,” said Cincinnati police Chief Eliot Isaac. "She recognizes officers regularly, has these flags handmade and presents them to our officers who are involved in critical incidents. This has been a trying few months, and we wanted to say thank you to someone who says thank you to us so often.”

Mimi said the gratitude from police goes a long way.

“I am so proud of each and every one of these officers to take the time to do this for me and my family,” Mimi said.

Cincinnati police and Mimi asked WCPO not to use her last name for this story. They said they are afraid she will get threats from people who do not like the police.