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Column: For NKY folks, it's basically a holiday when the Silver Grove Dari Bar opens for the season

Posted at 8:49 AM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 08:59:45-05

Editor’s note: The author of this article is an extreme supporter of the Silver Grove Dari Bar, specifically its sprinkled cones, hot fudge/raspberry sundaes and piping hot munchers.

SILVER GROVE, Ky. -- The day is near, folks.

The Silver Grove Dari Bar, a Northern Kentucky staple for frozen treats, will open for the season on March 16.

The small eatery doesn’t have indoor seating, but patrons can enjoy the Dari Bar’s iconic soft serve ice cream and crispy cheese fries from the tailgate of their pickup or on a picnic table outside.

Transparency is important in journalism, so I have to admit, I LOVE the Dari Bar. (You saw the editor’s note, right?) It was actually my very first job. But before I started working there in my high school years, it was a must-stop every Saturday after a soccer game at Pendery Park.

If you plan on going on Opening Day (I’m capitalizing because it is a NKY holiday), don’t be intimidated by lines. There are two windows to order from, so it goes faster than what you’d think. Also, be advised, this joint is cash only.

My recommendations? You can’t go wrong with a sundae. I could actually just eat a cup full of the hot fudge all by itself. I add raspberry to mine because I’m a nut for raspberry chocolate chip (thanks, Graeter’s).

If you’re looking for something hot to eat, the munchers are an experience. They’re deep fried, perfect circles of cheesy, potato-y goodness. Bonus points if you dip them in vanilla ice cream.

There’s something for everyone, though: From burgers to foot longs to steak hoagies. They have just about every frozen treat you can think of, ice balls, slushies, ice cream sandwiches, brownie sundaes and dip-top ice cream cones, to name a few.

They’ll even put candy eyes and a smile on cones for the kiddos. And for my fur kid, she gets a pup cup, complete with a Milk-Bone topper.