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Newport Aquarium's white gators, Snowball and Snowflake, get new home for Christmas

Posted: 12:38 PM, Nov 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-29 17:38:24Z

NEWPORT, Ky. — The Newport Aquarium’s rare white alligators, which look more like white statues in photos, are exploring a new home inside the aquarium.

Snowball and Snowflake now roam the Legend of the White Gators, the largest habitat at Gator Alley.

These white alligators are two of about 100 white gators left in the world. They have a low survival rate in the wild due to the inability to be camouflaged and a sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Their new space is well-lit, has room for swimming and has space for a nest (in case baby alligators come along).

The new space brings guests even closer to the gators as well.

“Getting eye-to-eye with these majestic creatures is sure to help visitors care more about protecting alligators in the wild,” said Eric Rose, executive director of Newport Aquarium.

The male alligator, Snowball, is 8 feet long. The female, Snowflake, is 6 feet long.

To visit Gator Alley and the Newport Aquarium, click here for ticket information .