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Northern Kentucky University closes two campus apartment buildings over long-term maintenance concerns

A third building will be closed in the summer of 2020
Woodcrest student Apartments on the campus of Northern Kentucky University closed due to structural concerns
Woodcrest student Apartments on the campus of Northern Kentucky University, Willow building
Posted at 7:40 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 19:42:22-05

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky — Northern Kentucky University has closed two campus apartment buildings and plans to close a third in June over long-term maintenance concerns, the university said in a statement Tuesday,

Oak and Sycamore halls were closed immediately, and there is a plan in place to close Willow Hall in June 2020, the statement said.

In the process of shoring and repairing sections of the Woodcrest Apartments, crews discovered deterioration beyond what was anticipated, leading to the decision to close the buildings, the statement said.

The closure is related to the cost of maintenance and has nothing to do with safety, according to NKU spokesperson Anna Wright.

“The deterioration came to our attention this fall, and the structural engineer firm’s recommendations were shared in mid-November and in early December. We notified students as soon as the final report was reviewed, and the decision was made," Wright said.

"The buildings have been inspected and reviewed by the Fire Marshal, and that is where the recommendations for improvements came to light," Wright said. "The cost associated with the repairs to continue to keep Woodcrest in compliance do not make sense long term."

The university plans to hire moving companies to assist students residing in Oak and Sycamore Halls with transferring their belongings to new living space.

"We recognize this will be a challenging month for many of you, and it is our desire to increase your quality of housing and move our students living here closer to the heart of campus," said Arnie Slaughter, Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Dean of Students.