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Neighbors worry nearby sewer construction could damage their homes

Posted at 8:54 PM, Apr 19, 2020

FT. THOMAS, Ky. — A sewer replacement project operating behind homes along Miami Parkway may fix a failing sewer line, but neighbors are worried the construction itself will cause the steep hillside in the neighborhood to slip and cause landslides that could damage nearby homes.

Sanitation District 1 of Northern Kentucky started the project to replace a failing sewer line at the end of March. SD1 said the failing line could become blocked, causing larger issues down the road if the line isn't replaced. But last week, crews cut down all the trees along the stretch of neighborhood following the sewer line, leaving the hillside bare and vulnerable to springtime rains.

Ronald Kirby, a resident in one of the eight houses lining the construction zone said he lost at least 10 trees in his yard alone. The trees, Kirby said, were there to prevent slippage on the hillside in heavy rain.

"It's like somebody killing what you've lived with and what you've owned and worked hard for your whole life," said Kirby. "It's very disturbing to me."

According to a spokesperson for SD1, residents in the area signed agreements allowing SD1 temporary access to the construction site. The agreement said it is SD1's practice to "restore property to pre-construction condition."