Fort Thomas schools collect supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims

Posted at 6:34 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 19:26:28-04

FORT THOMAS, Ky. -- Fort Thomas Independent Schools are collecting school supplies for hurricane survivors in Texas.

The lessons students will learn through giving outweigh anything they'll learn in a textbook, according to teachers in Fort Thomas Independent Schools. That's why they're using Hurricane Harvey as a teachable moment and donating supplies and backpacks for the Houston Independent School District.

Teacher Megan Boimann-Hennies got the idea from social media.

"My husband and I were talking about ways that we could help individually on social media like all people to look for options," she said. "I noticed the Houston Independent School District had tweeted something out."

Boimann-Hennies said many schools in Houston were damaged by flooding or were being used as shelters, not to mention all the students and families who lost everything.

"I thought it was a good way for our students to learn empathy and feel a more personal connection, to understand that since we just started school that it would have been tough to not have the necessities or little things they get excited about," she said.

Boimann-Hennies got approval from her principal and got the whole district involved. They've been collecting backpacks, pencils, paper and everything else students may need. 

"It makes me feel really proud of our community," Boimann-Hennies said. "I've worked in the district for 10 years and I've always been amazed at how caring and supportive people are here in our school, teachers and especially students."

The school supply drive runs until Friday, Sept. 15. Donations can be dropped off at any of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools or at the central office.