Vandals strike community park in Trenton

Posted at 7:04 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 19:34:17-04

TRENTON, Ohio -- Trenton is a small town with a big heart, according to Sgt. Craig Flick. 

"The community is very proud of their hometown," he said Thursday. "They take pride in where they live and what they do, as they should."

That's why its residents have been so upset, Flick said, by a sudden act of vandalism that defaced the park's bathroom. The spraypainted words and symbols that covered the structure -- among them "COURAGE" and dollar signs -- were still wet when police arrived Tuesday morning. 

Although most of the graffiti had been cleaned up by Thursday, Flick said the community was still sore about the fact that it had happened at all. He guessed that the vandals must have been teenagers with time on their hands.

"If you come to a park, you are coming to a park to play," Madison Jamison, who frequently comes to the park with her family, said. "It is something that the city has provided for you. Something nice for you, for our city, for our community, and you are just going to vandalize it…for what?"

Flick said police have recieved plenty of help from the community but still aren't sure who committed the vandalism. He requested that anyone with information call the Trenton Police Department at 513-988-6341.