New Miami to use handheld speed cameras

Posted at 11:51 PM, Dec 21, 2015

NEW MIAMI, Ohio -- Police officers in the village of New Miami are getting a tech upgrade to help catch law-breaking drivers.

The village police department will start using a hand-held LIDAR device with a camera to crack down on speeders, the Journal-News reported.

Ohio law doesn't allow for the kind of speed cameras growing common in other states; instead, a police officer has to be present and witness the violation for a driver to be cited.

Village officials say the new program conforms with Ohio law because a police officer will witness, capture and review the violation, then issue a citation, the Journal-News reported.

An officer can still issue an in-person citation; however, if the officer uses the camera, the ticket will be mailed to the driver.

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The Journal-News reports that village officials see an advantage to drivers: Because it would be a civil citation, rather than a traffic violation, no points would go onto the driver's license, and it wouldn't be reported to the driver's insurance company.

Though the program starts Dec. 28, there will be a 30-day warning period; the village will start issuing tickets under the new program starting Feb. 1, the Journal-News reports.

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