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Miami University student accused of gross sexual imposition

Posted at 4:54 PM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2015-09-28 21:53:42-04

A Miami University student is accused of trying to force himself onto a male student.

Investigators with the university’s police department say Brett Hatton, 22, was drunk early Wednesday morning when he picked up the victim multiple times and threw him against a bed. He then allegedly pinned the victim against his bed in a sexual manner and made a sexual comment.

The victim reportedly managed to get away and called the police to a dormitory on Miami’s campus.

Hatton says things he was just trying to celebrate his friend's acceptance into the undergraduate program, according to the police report. Police report that Hatton smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and what appeared to be a staggered gait.

The victim says he was not hurt in the altercation but police say they noticed blotchy red marks on his neck.

Hatton was arraigned Thursday on charges of gross sexual imposition, assault and unlawful restraint.