Two Miami University students shot, robbed in their off-campus house

Online car deal went bad, police say
Posted at 8:30 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 18:33:14-04

OXFORD, Ohio – Two men who said they wanted to buy a car from a Miami University student ended up shooting two students and robbing them instead, according to police.

A housemate of the wounded students said they are "shellshocked" after the shootings in their off-campus rented home Tuesday night.

Senior Geoff Hubbard said he returned home Wednesday to check on the victims. He said one of the wounded students, a junior in economics, is "doing OK."

"He’s stable. He’s just shellshocked like all of us," Hubbard said.

Police said two men came to the house after agreeing to buy a car that one of the students was selling online.

The house is in the 200 block of North Campus Avenue. It was about 7:45 p.m.

They were counting the money, Oxford Police Lt. Geoff Robinson said, and one of them pulled out a gun.

"Fired three rounds and stole the money," Robinson said.

The two victims, both shot in the leg, were taken to a hospital and are said to be recovering well.

The shooting scene is in the middle of a lot of student housing. The whole campus was put on alert quickly.

Other students said they were grateful for the rapid warning.

"They were very timely and adamant about making sure all the students know right away where the situation was, what to avoid and how to stay safe," said a student who lives next door.

"I think people feel a little bit better than they did last night, but it’s still not comforting," said Liz Clinke.

Hubbard said he'll be more cautious in the future and advised other student to do the same.

"We just gotta all be safer …  A lot of people around here keep their doors open -  it’s kind of a walk-in policy -  so I think maybe something like that needs to change," he said.

Police have invited students to use the lobby of the police station as a safe place for any exchange of money. 

Police gave a scant description of the robbers. One is white with a dark complexion, about 5 feet, 10 inçhes and 150 pounds. The other is black with dreadlocks, about 5-11 and 190.

Police asked that anyone with information call Detective Sgt. David King at 513-524-5240.