Mom: Kids tricked into web game with predators

Posted at 9:23 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 21:35:33-04

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - A mom says her 9- and 12-year-old daughters were tricked into playing an online game with predators.

Chastity Wilson is sick about it.

"I'm at a loss with it all – completely. 100% loss," she says.

She thought she had taken precautions to safeguard her girls. She was wrong.

Now she's warning other parents that if could happen to her, it can happen to you.

"I'm the parent that goes through my kids with this ... the video ... everything. What would you do? What would happen? What would you tell me? Everything. And it still happened to me.

"My kids aren't allowed to have Facebook, Instagram …  So for this to happen to me was unbelievable."

Despite her tough rules, two of her daughter managed to play a dangerous online game.

"I woke up the next morning. My daughter's door was locked and so I went through my son's room and my laptop was laying on the floor and I took it," Wilson asaid.

It was a game with a predator.

"I open it up and there it was on the screen. It was this game that these strangers want to play with you -  1 through 5. Wave hi for five points, look at the camera and thumbs up for 10 points, smile for 15 and, you know, and then it goes to phase 2. Then it's a little more - do a jumping jack ...

"Phase 3 and it gets into show this body part, show that body part. And once they get a certain number of points, they get a reward to see the grown-up on the other end."

Her heart sank.

"So when I seen that - frantic went through my mind - the first thing we did was called the police.

The site, called Omegle, is a public chat room. The home page displays a  warning: "Predators have been known to use this site. Be careful."

"I don't know if this person is two doors down, two streets down. This web site, it doesn't even show up in my Google history," Wilson said,

She now covers her webcam,  wondering if someone's watching. She keeps her laptops locked away.

"After the first 48 hours of crying - that someone wanted to see my 9 year old in such a manner -  I know it's out there." she said.

She blocked this site and says parents should encourage their kids to put down the screens.

"We have board games, we have books, we still do sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Takes a step back in time. Don't let your kids sit  in front of an electronic to raise them," Wilson said.

Police advise that parents to monitor what their children do online and talk to them about the dangers of online predators.

FIND tips for protecting your kids from predators online:

> FBI:

> National Center for Missing and Exploited Children