Police were called to Middletown couple's home for disturbances before fatal shooting

Woman accused of killing ex 'was always smiling'
Police were called to Middletown couple's home for disturbances before fatal shooting
Posted at 1:36 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 13:55:27-05

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- A Middletown woman who police said shot and killed her ex-husband Tuesday had already experienced a run-in with the law. 

After a neighbor reported a disturbance in the 3600 block of Ellis Way on Dec. 23, officers separated Tony and Dawn Shearer, according to Middletown police records.

Police also responded to a report of a robbery at the home on Dec. 5.

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One neighbor on Ellis Way in Middletown said he was shocked Tuesday morning to hear that Tony died in a shooting, and that his ex-wife Dawn was charged with murder.

Dawn Shearer

Chaz Frazier, who lives next door to the Shearers, said he and his wife were at a Mexican restaurant Monday night eating dinner when their 12-year-old daughter called at about 8:30 p.m. and said she heard gun shots and police were outside their home.

Frazier, who has his concealed carry license, said he loaded his hand gun and rushed home. A few minutes later, he said he saw Dawn Shearer in the back of a Middletown police cruiser and paramedics loading her ex-husband into an ambulance.

He said he was surprised to hear police arrested Dawnfor the crime. He described Dawn as very quiet and always smiling.

“At first we thought he shot her,” Frazier told The Journal-News. “When we found out he shot her, she’s so quiet. She wasn’t the rowdy type. I didn’t think that would happen in this type of neighborhood. It’s quiet over here.”

Frazier said the Shearers moved into the rental property next door about six months ago, but he had not seen them in three to four weeks.

He said Tony laid carpet for a living. Frazier said he was in their house a couple times helping them move items in, and looking at Tony’s gun collection.

Police said they found Tony shot at least once in the couple's living room at about 8:30 p.m. Monday. Tony, 45, was flown to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton in critical condition. He died of his injuries at the hospital, according to Lt. Jim Cunningham. Police recovered a handgun and other evidence from the scene.

In the 911 call, Dawn said she and Tony were divorced and trying to reconcile.

"We were married for twenty-something years and we got divorced, then I moved back in to work things out," she said in the call.

Dawn was charged with murder and booked into the Middletown City Jail. The Montgomery County coroner will conduct the autopsy.