Woman charged in abandoned dog case

Posted at 5:43 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 18:52:56-05

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — A sick puppy found left in the brutal cold last month is recovering nicely, and the woman deputies say is responsible is facing charges.

A good Samaritan found the 10-month-old boxer, Leroy, extremely skinny, dehydrated and malnourished in an alley near North Avenue and Shafor Street in Middletown, Ohio, and brought him to volunteers from animal rescue group Joseph’s Legacy.

Volunteers described Leroy as "left for dead."

“He looked like a bag of bones,” said Jenni DeHart, who has been fostering the dog since he was rescued. “He looked like he was dying, so I said I could take him.”

DeHart has been diligently administering Leroy’s medication over the past few weeks.

She said Leroy’s recovery has been “fabulous.”

“He is awesome,” she told WCPO. “He is becoming a healthy boy; he is behaving the way he should be behaving at his age. He likes to play with my daughter and all the dogs in my house. He’s turned into such a delight to live with.”

According to Butler County Sheriff’s Office dog warden and humane officers, April Kimrse was cited this week for cruelty to companion animals, failure to license, and failure to control — all misdemeanors.

“The fact that we know who it was and the fact that there are charges brought against her are awesome,” DeHart said. “My only problem is that they’re misdemeanor, you know. Personally, I think in the state of Ohio, animal abuse and cruelty or neglect should be felony charges.”

Meanwhile, DeHart said Leroy needs to gain a few more pounds before he’ll be ready to be neutered and put up for adoption.

“He’s safe and happy now,” she said.

For more information about Joseph's Legacy animal rescue, visit their website or Facebook page.

WATCH in the video player above for more about Leroy and his recovery.