Man overdoses, vomits in stranger's car

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 21:04:25-05

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – A Middletown mother said the Tri-State’s heroin crisis crawled right inside her car.

Kelsey Wiley said she discovered an unconscious man who had overdosed on heroin in her car while she was eating dinner.

Wiley and a friend ate at a Wendy’s restaurant Tuesday night. When they came outside, they saw her driver’s side door was open and a man was inside. He wasn’t moving.

She didn’t know what the man was doing. Was he stealing something out of the car? Did he just get confused?

“Then we noticed he wasn’t moving and I’m like, ‘He’s not robbing my car. He’s passed out. He’s hurt,’” Wiley said.

The man’s eyes were rolled back in his head. His lips were blue. The women pulled him out of the car and laid him down.

“He was lifeless,” Wiley said. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

They called 911. Paramedics were able to revive the man with narcan.

The man hadn’t stolen anything. But he left something behind.

“The officer said, ‘You might want to go get some cleaning [supplies]. It looks like when he overdosed, he puked in your seat.’ The Wendy’s workers were very helpful and gave me disinfectant,” Wiley said.

The mother of the man who overdosed later called Wiley to apologize, she said.

The lesson, Wiley said, is to always lock car doors.

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