15 people trapped, rescued from high water at Sebald Park in Madison Township

Posted at 6:41 AM, May 25, 2017

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Firefighters rescued 15 people -- including a pregnant woman, children and people with medical issues -- from high water at Sebald Park Wednesday night, according to Madison Twp. Fire Chief Kent Hall.

"Flood waters had went over the bridge area,” Hall said. “Several family members, small kids (and) adults were still in the park area. The issue here is we really couldn’t leave them in the park.”

Crews said roads were covered in high water, which cut off access to a bridge in the park. The only way out of the park was through a large wooded area that connected to Weatherwax Golf Course, Hall said.

“They had to make their way up the hill, down the hill then through the woods,” he said. “You definitely had to have somebody who knew where they were going.”

A few minor injuries were reported, Hall said.

Madison Twp. firefighters said in a Facebook post the group went to the park earlier in the day for a birthday party. The group consisted of eight adults and seven children.

“It all ended well,” Hall said. “We were able to get them out due to the experience of the firefighters with the department.”

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