WATCH: 'We Are Hamilton' videos become powerful marketing tool for city

Posted at 9:54 AM, Sep 29, 2016

HAMILTON, Ohio -- What started as a video to promote the city’s momentum has turned into a powerful marketing tool for Hamilton.

WCPO news partner The Journal-News reports a second video installment of “We Are Hamilton” was unveiled during last week’s State of the City address and its creators are embarking on more efforts, including a typography campaign at local businesses, to continue sharing the story of the city’s renaissance and revitalization.

WATCH the two video installments in the player above.

“Last year, Community First Solutions pretty much single-handily created this amazing video for Hamilton and the city embraced it and used it as one of our primary marketing pieces,” said Liz Hayden of Hamilton’s small business development office, who is helping with the project. “These videos are so important in telling our stories to people. I send this video to people and say, ‘if you haven’t been to Hamilton lately you need to come and check it out.’ I have sometimes ended up getting a meeting with people who want to do business in the city because of the video.”

As an extension of the video, several local businesses have allowed typography with phrases from the “We Are Hamilton” script — written by retired Journal-News reporter Richard O. Jones — to be posted on their business windows.

Danielle Webb, marketing vice president for Community First Solutions, which helped to produce the video, called it an “open embrace” by the local business community.

“We are so excited about the project,” Webb said. “It is a true gift to be able to tell the stories of our community.”

A fund was established at the Hamilton Community Foundation, with a goal of raising just over $5,000 for the project, she said.

“We actually raised nearly $11,000. I am so amazed at how the local business community came forward to support this project,” Webb said.

Jenni Hubbard, co-owner of Almond Sisters Bakery, said she loves the “We Are Hamilton” videos and is glad to see the city pump some energy into promoting itself.

“Hamilton feels so alive. I ride my bike or walk to work and when I come into town, I feel like I’m walking on the set of something,” Hubbard said. “I’m glad they are throwing out a video showcasing the activity Hamilton has happening.”