Police investigate injuries that left baby hospitalized with brain damage and lacerations

Posted at 12:09 AM, Jul 07, 2016

HAMILTON, Ohio — A Hamilton baby has been hospitalized and placed on a ventilator after he was severely injured while in the care of a babysitter, according to police.

Nine-month-old Easton Wells hasn’t been able to breathe on his own since June 29, and his mother said Wednesday night that she did not believe his injuries were an accident.

Rachel Wells says her son had a healthy and full life ahead of him a week ago, but he was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital the evening of June 29 after his babysitter called 911.

“They said that he had fallen off a couch, and he was pale and unresponsive,” said Wells.

Since then, Wells said, her son has had brain surgery and multiple seizures. The full catalogue of his injuries includes brain damage, lacerations on his liver and blood behind his retinas, according to Wells.

“I have a lot of questions as to why it would happen, but, you know, sometimes you just don’t ever really get the answers that you need,” she said.

Hamilton police did not share their theories about Easton’s injuries, but investigators were reportedly trying to figure out how Easton could have sustained such severe injuries in a household fall.

“I feel really strongly that he deserves justice,” Wells said.

Easton's family has set up a Facebook page to chronicle his progress and collect well-wishes for his recovery; they have also created a GoFundMe to help pay his hospital bills.