New help for heroin-addicted mothers

Posted at 7:44 PM, Dec 21, 2015

HAMILTON, Ohio - Heroin-addicted mothers and the innocent victims - their children - are getting help from a new partnership between Butler County and Sojourners Recovery Services.

The new program is designed to provide a complete range of services for women in recovery – including family housing.

Leslie Simpson called the plan a lifesaver. A graduate of Sojourner's program, Simpson has been clean since 2014. She held her 2-month-old son Colten after the event.

"There are so many doors that get slammed in my face. A lot of places won't rent to people with felonies. A lot of people won't hire you. This is one step in the right direction to help people like us who have made mistakes and are just wanting to do better," Simpson said.

The partnership expands on  drug treatment at Sojourner Recovery Services's residential facility known as "The Hill."

"It will bring together public and private entities that will focus on prevention services, addiction treatment and recovery housing," said Butler County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter.

Thanks to more than $40,000  in renovation, women will be able to live with their children in  recovery housing on Sixth Street. It's  one last step before the women go out on their own.  

"For anybody that is tied into this -  for funding, for programming, for anything - you are saving women and children's lives," Simpson said.

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