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Neighbors want changes after several pets killed by dangerous dogs in Lindenwald

Butler County Sheriff's Office
Posted at 10:48 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 22:48:37-04

HAMILTON, Ohio — Some residents in Hamilton’s Lindenwald neighborhood said they are worried after two dogs attacked several pets in the area.

Presently, two cats were killed by those dogs and the Butler County dog warden has deemed them dangerous.

Multiple citations have been written in the last month – but the dogs have been returned to their owners every time.

One of the cats who was killed was named Loki. His owner, Erica, whose last name we’re withholding because she fears retribution, said he was an indoor cat but made frequent trips outside. He left on August 2 and didn’t return home.

“It was just really hard to lose him so quickly to know that you lost him so violently,” she said.

Loki’s death evokes a range of emotion for Erica, but she said the fact that he wasn’t the only victim hurts even more.

“They had attacked another neighbor’s cat and murdered that cat,” she said. “And then, about two weeks after Loki’s passing, they had murdered another cat.”

The Butler County dog warden said the dogs are dangerous. Their owner, Rodric Pearson received eight citations for failure to restrain a dog. Pearson’s mother was also cited, but so far, the dogs haven’t been removed from the home.

According to the dog warden, the animals can only be removed by the order of a judge.

Court documents show Pearson hasn’t shown up for his court hearings and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Pearson’s mother has been present at all of her hearings and, according to the warden, Pearson has promised to be at his next court date.

Erica said the laws need to change to speed up the process.

“That’s a gamble or risk that you have to wait around for to happen,” she said. “And what if it’s a year? What if it’s two years, and you know, this person is still allowed to be in possession of animals that they’re obviously not securing?

Pearson’s next court date is scheduled for September 16 in Hamilton Municipal Court.