Man breaks into Butler County jail facility

Chad Saylor told officers he feared for his life
Posted at 8:55 AM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 08:55:52-04

HAMILTON, Ohio -- A man was arrested over the weekend for trying to break into jail, the Journal-News reported.

Chad Saylor, 23, of Harrison, called 911 Saturday night and told dispatchers he was on the roof of a Butler County jail facility because he thought people were trying to kill him.

Saylor made the call from his cell phone after climbing a pipe and landing on the fenced-in recreation area at Resolutions Jail on Second Street in Hamilton, according to the Butler County Sheriff’s office and the 911 call obtained by the Journal-News.

“Mr. Saylor told dispatchers that people were after him with weapons and trying to kill him and he needed to get to safety. I’m guessing he came to the right place,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said.

When officers reached Saylor, he was on the ground inside the back of the facility.

In the 911 call, Saylor told the dispatcher, “I am laying on top for the rec cage, so they can’t see me, please come and get me.”

He continues to say people with guns are coming after him and begs for officers to get to him soon.

Saylor had a warrant from July out of Hamilton Municipal Court for theft and was arrested.

He did not have serious injuries and no one else was located or arrested during the incident.

Sheriff’s office officials said Saylor will likely face a probation violation, but there will be no charges for breaking into the jail.

On July 12, a Butler County Jail inmate ran from his hospital room and was taken back into custody approximately seven hours later. Last week, another inmate walked away from outside the kitchen area at the county jail on Hanover Street in Hamilton and was taken back into custody the next day.

“With this most recent guy successfully getting into the compound, I’d say we’re one up on the bad guys,” Jones said.

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