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Local business owners hope to breathe new life into old nuisance property

Posted at 11:30 PM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 23:42:11-04

HAMILTON — Local business owners in Hamilton hope to transform a local nuisance property into an economic boon for the community.

The Hamilton Inn has been the site of many community problems, including prostitution, drug activity and violent crime.

The building has been considered an eyesore by members of the surrounding neighborhoods, and has been socially acknowledged as a place from which to steer clear.

"The memories of the Hamilton Inn aren't good things connected with that motel," said Carol Combs, who has lived near the location of the Inn for 19 years. "Growing up, it's the place that you didn't go. Growing in this neighborhood, it's just the troubled area."

Now, Hamilton Caster, a local business that manufactures caster wheels for heavy duty use, has plans to expand their business into the old Hamilton Inn property.

"Along the way, the hotel next door became available," said Dave Lippert, president of Hamilton Casters. "It just fit in. We don't have to move off the property. It was convenient for us. It gives us the space to make our expansion happen."

Lippert said the expansion of their facility will mean an expansion of jobs in Hamilton as well, once the new, 50 thousand square foot manufacturing plant is completed.

"This is our piece," said Lippert. "To help the entire image of the city of Hamilton, which is on an upswing for years."

For residents nearby, like Combs, the proposition of a new, expanded and productive facility taking the place of the Hamilton Inn is an exciting one.

"It was exciting as a community member," said Combs. "To see a company who has been with the city of Hamilton for 111 to 112 years. Seeing them expand after all that time. And eliminating an area that's been known for drugs, prostitution and violence. That's exciting...I'm excited to see what kind of value that adds to our area."