Hamilton 8-year-old hospitalized after beating

Posted at 5:48 PM, May 11, 2016

HAMILTON, Ohio – A mother said her 8-year-old son was beaten so badly he had to be hospitalized, and the police said their hands are tied.

Dakota Price was beaten by two 9-year-old children in a parking lot near his apartment, his mom, Heather Lockaby, said.

“They were punching him and kicking him, and kicking him in his ribs and they dragged him across the concrete,” she said. Her son also had a concussion.

When Lockaby went to the parents of the other children, the mother came out and cursed at her, she said.

Lockaby called police, but said they tried to talk her out of pressing charges.

Sgt. Brian Robinson said state guidelines tie their hands.

“Below 10 years old, they don’t want us charging someone and bringing them in,” Robinson said. “They want other means. They want the families to find other means.”

That doesn’t mean the police don’t care, Robinson said.

“We’re just as frustrated as others, when we get to a point where we aren’t allowed to charge somebody.”