Butler County Sheriff tweets about companies that hire 'illegals,' vows to help with deportation

'I'm gearing up'
Posted at 4:04 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 16:30:40-05

HAMILTON, Ohio -- “To the companies that hire illegals and violate the law we r coming (sic).”

This is part of one of the tweets Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted Thursday night, referring to his plans to crack down on local companies and businesses that hire undocumented immigrants.

Jones' second tweet Thursday asked people to send him names of places who hire “illegals.”

"PC, political correctness, has gone amuck, and people aren't afraid to stand up anymore,” Jones said. “They want our elected officials to fix this immigration issue. I want it fixed.” 

A Trump supporter, Jones has introduced the President-elect at some of his Cincinnati rallies. A Nov. 15 New York Times Magazine article profiling Jones said he casts himself as a “crusader against undocumented immigrants.”

Trump’s stance on immigration has been clear since his bid for the presidency, and he reiterated plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border during his Dec. 1 stop in Cincinnati as part of his “Thank You” tour.

“We will construct a great wall,” Trump said at the Dec. 1 rally.

And Jones seems to echo the same sentiments.

"The next President of the United States -- illegal immigration is going to be one of the top two things that he's going to deal with, and we're all going to deal with it,” Jones said.

Jones said Butler County is one of the only agencies in Ohio equipped to help deport those who live in the country illegally, thanks to 287(g), a federal government initiative that gives state and local law enforcement agencies the authority to assist in deportation.

“My hopes are the first of the year, we've already asked that we receive the additional 287(g) that gives us local law enforcement the authority to investigate businesses that are violating the law on immigration and enforce immigration laws,” Jones said.

Jones said he will work with Butler County’s six sworn Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to crack down on local businesses.

"I understand why they come here, and I want them to come here,” Jones said. “But you've got to come here legally. We need to know where you're at.”

Despite receiving some criticism for his stance on immigration, Jones said he doesn’t need to defend himself.

“If I were a racist or bigot it would be really easy to prove, or you would see that,” Jones said. “Just because I say what the American people want to say, and just because you say that people are here illegally… there's people of all colors that are here illegally… we've had people from Africa. We've had people from Ireland. It doesn't matter.

“You come here illegally, you violated the law. We're a nation of laws...this is the greatest country to live but not if you're in hiding the entire time like a criminal."