Hamilton County parks employees chow down on cicada and apple pies

Billions Of Cicadas Will Emerge This Year In Several States
Posted at 11:22 AM, Jun 10, 2021

CINCINNATI — A few employees with the Great Parks of Hamilton County made, and ate, some apple and cicada filled pies.

Social media strategist Nikki Ferrell, entomologist and outreach manager Sarah Kent and nature interpreter Ashley Moore harvested some cicada nymphs, prepped them for cooking and baked them into some pies.

Once the pies cooled, they chowed down on the 17-year-old delicacy.

"It doesn't taste bad," Ferrell said. "It's definitely a different flavor."

"It's like crunchy," Kent said. "It's almost like, little crunchy bits instead of like a whole walnut."

There's no word on if the three will try more cicada-infused foods, but we've heard cicada pizza is tasty as well.

You can watch them try their cicada and apple pies below.