HOA threatens veteran with fines for flying Marine Corps flag, then takes decision back

NKY vet now allowed to fly Marine flag on property
NKY veteran fined for flying Marine Corps flag
Posted at 11:43 AM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 18:43:47-05

UNION, Ky. -- A veteran threatened with fines of up to $500 over a Marine Corps flag outside of his Union, Kentucky home is now allowed to keep his flag flying.

Scott Wallace, who lives in the Triple Crown subdivision, posted on Facebook Thursday a notice he received from his homeowner’s association this week that claims he was breaking the community's rules by flying a Marine Corps flag outside of his home.

The violation stated: “Marine flag not permitted (US flags only).”

"I am a Marine veteran willing to give my life for my family, my country, my God and for you ... I served honorably as a United States Marine and yet today I received a violation notice for having a Marine Corps flag on my garage flag pole," Wallace wrote. 

The homeowner's associated notice was the first Wallace received and did not include an initial fine. It stated Wallace would receive a $100 fine on his second notice, a $250 fine on his third notice and a $500 fine on his fourth notice. 

Just before noon Friday, Wallace posted an update on Facebook and said the homeowner's association will now allow him to keep the flag. The update came after more than 1,000 people shared his initial Facebook post and dozens of community members offered to help. 

"Thank you all for the incredible support," Wallace wrote. "I can not put into words how much this means to my family for your efforts to help me on what may seem to some a simple cause ... I am sure (the HOA) was overwhelmed with the amount of calls and emails (they) received."

Wallace said Towne Properties, which manages Triple Crown, reviewed his situation Friday and is "in agreement that United States issued flags may be displayed provided they are in good condition."

Towne Properties issued the following statement: 

“Towne Properties wholeheartedly supports all members of the United States military and thanks them for their service. Towne Properties is also obligated to support their associations and rules set by the association board.  The association manager has spoken with the board and it has been decided that any flag representing the United States is allowed to be flown in the community provided it is in good shape.  As such, Mr. Wallace will be allowed to keep his flag displayed outside his home.

In cases such as these Towne Properties is not in a position to change a community’s rules.  We are hired by the board of directors to enforce the rules set by the board and take that responsibility to our homeowners very seriously.

We are pleased with the board’s decision and are glad that this matter has been resolved to the homeowner’s satisfaction.”

According to documents obtained by WCPO detailing Towne Properties' latest rules and regulations, there is no information regarding flags. The documents do, however, state "more comprehensive" documents exist.