Rabbit Hash rebuilding historic General Store destroyed by fire

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Posted at 1:12 AM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 04:59:07-04

RABBIT HASH, Ky.  - More than a century worth of history gone in only a matter of minutes. That was the result of a spectacular fire nearly eight months ago that destroyed the Rabbit Hash General Store.

"It was pretty devastating," Don Clare, president of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, remembered Thursday.

But now the rebuild is well under way.

"The store will be back," Rabbit Hash resident Linda Unterreiner vowed. "It will be back."

Piece by piece, the hope is that the general store first built back in 1831 will come back to life.

"Gosh, I can't believe the progress they're making," said store owner Terrie Markesbery. "It's exciting because now when I come to work I look over there and every day there's a little bit more going up."

First, restoring the floors, then building new walls and now replacing the ceiling beams. It's a project that hits close to home for some residents actively taking part.

"My husband and my son, we've been here for 31 years," said Linda Unterreiner. "This is our town now. This is our home. I couldn't think of a better group of guys to do it."

The goal is to rebuild the Rabbit Hash General Store with as much of its original character and structure in order to continue as a historic nationally registered building.

"That's what makes it take time and makes it pricey," said Clare. "We're doing it the exact way and, of course, that adds expense."

You can help with your vote online. For just $1 per ballot you can help elect the newest mayor of Rabbit Hash -- whether it be a dog, cat or a young child.

Vote at the Rabbit Hash Historical Society website. All money collected will help fund the restoration.