Board to decide on Rabbit Hash casino ferry plan

Posted at 5:16 PM, Jun 08, 2016

RABBIT HASH, Ky. – Some residents of this tiny Kentucky community are angry over a proposed ferry linking their home to the Rising Star Casino across the Ohio River.

Full House Resorts, which owns the casino in Rising Sun, Indiana, is asking Boone County for permission to put in a ferry that would dock in Rabbit Hash.

Shawn Grueser, a veteran who served in Iraq, said he moved to Rabbit Hash on doctor’s orders to get away from the noise of the city.

“She said ‘get away from it, move out as far as you can where it’s quiet so you can rest your PTSD,’” Grueser said.

He’s worried that the proposed ferry could shatter his tranquility.  The ferry would dock right next to his property.

“The city life’s coming to me again, and I just want to stay quiet where I am,” Grueser said.

Some of Grueser’s Rabbit Hash neighbors said they felt the same way.

“We’ll have a lot more traffic,” Rabbit Hash resident Colinda Fritts said.

County planners disagree. In a report, they said the ferry would only hold 10 cars, so it would not attract a significant increase in the traffic through the area.

Bob Jonas, who put the report together, said the Boone County Board of Adjustment will have to approve a conditional use permit before the ferry plan can proceed.

“They have to go through an extra hoop, per se, to make sure the impacts aren’t going to be too negative,” Jonas said.

The ferry does also have supporters. County resident Brian Bush sent a letter to the board stating it will be a win-win for businesses, residents and tourists in Rabbit Hash.

Jonas said the board welcomes all input.

“The more voices we hear, the better informed the board can be when making the decision,” he said.