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Local teachers hope students learn from Inauguration Day

Biden Inauguration
Posted at 5:43 AM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 10:36:32-05

Inauguration Day is an important day for the nation, and some local teachers are hoping their students will learn from the day.

Steve Vockell teaches AP government and politics at Cooper High School and Sandra Davis teaches eighth-graders at Camp Ernst Middle School and they both hope their students will be paying attention to today, and to the months that led up to today.

The summer of protests, the pandemic and the debates are only a few things that led up to this Inauguration Day. While those events are out of the ordinary, even the Inauguration Day itself, with no parades, large crowds or outgoing president welcoming the incoming president, make this an especially historic day. Not to mention the swearing-in of the first female vice president.

"Mostly I would like for [my students] to sort of think of themselves reflectively," Davis said. "Think about themselves in the future maybe taking the oath of office someday..."

"You do have some kids that are 18, and this was the first election they ever voted in," Vockell said. "If they did vote for President-elect Biden, they are going to watch the person that they voted for be sworn into office. That’s a cool feeling as an individual, but as a teacher it’s cool to see them getting excited about that."