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Supply chain employers are looking for qualified applicants in a field that is often overlooked

Posted at 4:30 AM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 08:52:32-04

FLORENCE, Ky -- Local employers are having a hard time filling supply chain positions, meaning there are lots of opportunities. 

“It is so broad of an umbrella that you can go anyway you want,” Legion Logistics Employee Jesse Hatton said. “Marketing, accounting, sales. They all fall under supply chain.”

Hatton started at Legion Logisticsas a high school intern, and now works there full-time. Many logistics companies are saying that workers are hard to find. It’s a field that’s often overlooked by job-seekers. 

“We’ve tried to hire this year and haven’t been able to find enough candidates to get there,” Legion Logistics president Lacy Starling said.

Starling said the company is doing well with $30 million annually in sales, but they’re 25 percent understaffed. She says some people just don’t know what supply chain is. 

“You get a delivery from Amazon,” Starling said. “That’s supply chain.”

Many companies see the Tri-State as a perfect spot for supply chain because of Interstate 75 which hits a major part of the U.S. population. A video is being launched on social media and elsewhere by Supply Chain OKI focusing on unemployed populations and schools. 

“Our goal is to play that in a loop at all the high schools so students can start to learn and understand what supply chain is,” said Jesse Simmons of Supply Chain OKI. 

They’ve also partnered with colleges, community groups and employers.

“We have a list of Fortune 500 companies, a list of Fortune 100 companies and they’re all hiring in a region right now that’s on fire,” Simmons said.

About 30 local companies have already partnered with Supply Chain OKI, which is an initiative of the United Way’s Partners For a Competitive Workforce.