Former heroin addict helps people find treatment through Hope Over Heroin

'My life is to help other people'
Posted at 9:32 PM, May 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-07 10:43:51-04

FLORENCE, Ky. -- Cody Jones is all too familiar with heroin’s grip on the Tri-State.

Jones said he used to live only for heroin. 

“My life used to just be consumed with drugs and the street life," Jones said. 

But Hope Over Heroin changed that.

"Now, I’m completely different,” Jones said. “I’m transformed, and my life is to help other people who deal with the same stuff.”

The recovering heroin addict now works to help those struggling with addiction find treatment and resources through Hope Over Heroin, a collaborative faith-based ministry. 

The organization held an event Saturday evening at Heritage Fellowship Church in Florence that featured activities, food and a concert. But the focus of the evening was connecting people with resources in the hopes of providing an avenue for treatment.

Jones said he’s just giving back to the organization that helped save his life.

"We're just trying to reach a nation,” Jones said. “We're trying to bring hope to communities because Hope Over Heroin isn't just about the person addicted to drugs, it affects the whole family which means it affects the whole community. We're trying to save our nation."

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