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As heat index rises, Tri-State temperatures can get dangerous

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Posted at 10:36 PM, Aug 24, 2021

CINCINNATI — Temperatures in the Tri-State this week can be dangerous, leading to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, as the heat index approaches triple digits.

Dr. Imran Naqvi, a physician at Jewish Hospital Mercy Health, said it's important that people listen to their bodies if they need to be outdoors, hydrating both before and while enduring the heat and humidity plaguing the Greater Cincinnati region this week.

"This type of heat is something, around this part of the country, we're really not used to," said Naqvi.

Before lacing up running shoes and taking off, it's important to make sure the run isn't too strenuous in the heat. In Blue Ash, the Fleet Feet Running Club still got together Tuesday for a run, but cut down on the distance and speed to accommodate the soaring temperatures.

"When it's too hot, something that's going to be low key," said Jen Loving, training program director of Fleet Feet. "Not many hills at all. Something flat."

The group normally tackles an impressive six to seven miles during the week; on Tuesday, they kept it to just three out of caution.

"Always be aware of what your body is trying to tell you," said Naqvi.

Anyone outdoors in the heat should note if they feel dizzy, nauseous or suddenly begin getting a headache.

"You're not going to necessarily have a headache for no reason if you've been in the sun too long," said Naqvi. "You're not going to feel nauseous because you're all of a sudden having food poisoning. You're likely having symptoms and signs of something more ominous."

He said people should also be aware of any heat-related side effects from medications, especially those for blood pressure medicine.

The heat wave is expected to continue in the Greater Cincinnati region through Thursday and possibly Friday. Anyone who believes they could be experiencing symptoms of heat stroke should consider seeking medical attention.