Marijuana-laced candy sends two teens to hospital in Peebles, Ohio

Police looking for seller
Posted at 6:45 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 00:45:06-05

PEEBLES, Ohio –  Two teens who had no idea they were eating marijuana-laced candy ended up in the hospital Saturday night, police say. Officers are looking for the man who sold it to them.

Peebles police say they got several complaints about a man in a blue hoodie, possibly in his mid 20s, selling candy and red velvet cake for $1 outside the 1st Stop gas station on North Main Street. 

The teens got so sick from the candy they were taken to the emergency room with a high heart rate, Peebles Chief Robert Music told WCPO. The candy and cake tested positive for marijuana.

The teens had no idea that the candy was laced with pot, Music said.

“They are good kids. Never had a problem with them. They got good parents,” the chief said.

Residents who live or work in the area - about a mile from Pebbles High School - were angry at the seller.
"I don’t see how anybody, I don’t even see how a drug dealer could sell it to kids in school or give it to them,” said Everett Nevil.

The thought that his grandkids could've have taken the laced treats was "revolting," Nevil said.

Amanda Cadwallader said her daughter goes to the same school as the victims. 

“It’s kind of scary… it kind of makes you think…who is this person that would want to hurt kids," Cadwallader said.

Ed Gillespie, who works across the street from 1st Stop, said he feared for his grandchildren.

“They ride their bikes and stuff so, sure, they could have been approached by it. It’s pretty upsetting," he said.

The seller, he said, must have been "getting a cheap thrill from this doing this ... and why, I don’t know."

"I think it's absolutely horrible that they would do that,”  Chief Music said. “We have a hard enough job dealing with what we are and now we have this guy walking around selling candy and kids are eating it and it’s absolutely horrible.”

If you bought candy or cake from a man outside the 1st Stop, police say do not eat it and call them right away at 937-587-3191. 

Music said the 1st Stop had nothing to do with the incident. He said his officers will be reviewing surveillance video from the gas station.