Ultimate now says it's staying at CVG

Ultimate now says it's staying at CVG
Posted at 6:18 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 18:26:08-04

HEBRON, Ky. – Ultimate Air Shuttle is reversing a decision to cease service at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport – a decision based on direct customer feedback, an official told WCPO.

Instead, the public charter will continue to serve Morristown, New Jersey, from CVG.

The charter, popular among business travelers in the region, will still consolidate all its Chicago Midway flights from CVG to Lunken, an airfield on Cincinnati's east side, as previously announced in early May.

New flight schedules start at the end of this month.

Rick Pawlak, managing director with Ultimate Air Shuttle, said Tuesday the company reversed course at CVG based on customer comment. Ultimate will fly to Morristown two days a week via Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky – now its only scheduled service there – and four days a week via Lunken.

"The majority of our customers said they like that flight, it's a mid-morning flight, and they're already accustomed to it, so we're taking a step back and will remain at CVG for our New York operation," he told "We're here to listen."

Ultimate announced May 6 its plans for consolidation – which meant pulling out of CVG altogether – as a means to "streamline customer experience" and "achieve highest efficiency."

Concurrently, Pawlak said Ultimate planned to launch new air service to Teterboro, New Jersey, which is closer in proximity to Manhattan than Morristown. But those plans are also on hold. Passengers who had pre-booked Teterboro have already been rebooked on Morristown-bound flights. Only a "handful" had made reservations thus far, meaning very few logistical disruptions, he said.

"Some customers wanted to go to Teterboro, of course, but the majority of customers like our schedule how it is now.

"We certainly want to bring Teterboro back, and we've already had discussions on how and when to do that," Pawlak added. "Our passengers are so passionate about our service, and they certainly expressed their voice. It will work out great in the long run."

Ultimate Air Shuttle started service in the Queen City in 2009. In addition to Midway and Morristown, it flies to Charlotte (Charlotte-Douglas International Airport–Wilson Air Center) and Cleveland (Burke Lakefront Airport) from Lunken.

At CVG, Ultimate will continue to share space with Delta Private Jets, which operates on the south side of the airport. It relocated there in October, since its former home, Terminal 1, is currently being demolished to make way for a new CONRAC, or consolidated rental car facility.