Top 9 burgers in Cincinnati was so popular we're doing it again. Here's Round 2.

Posted at 10:00 AM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2017-05-28 09:29:26-04

Cincinnati has so many delicious burgers. Whether you want a steamed burger, a grilled burger, or a burger as big as your head, Cincinnati has it -- somewhere!

I already wrote one Top 9 list of the best burgers in the Tri-State and still stand by it -- so here's Round 2. These are nine more recommendations for great burgers. (Remember, these are all local burgers, representing from fancy to no-thrills.)

Americano Burger Bar: Burgers, burgers everywhere. Try one of owner-chef Christian Pietoso's delicious burgers at Americano. Whether you're looking for simple (the Americano burger) or something a little more daring (the Southern BBQ burger with pulled pork and Grippo's or the Argentinian with chimichurri and grilled onion are two great choices), you'll find a delicious burger. Tip: Order the onion rings. Pietoso tried many, many recipes to achieve the perfect onion ring. 545 Race St., Downtown

Dutch's: Dutch's burger is only available on Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. (though it usually sells out early). They are always different and always delicious. Get there early to enjoy a glass of wine or beer while you wait for the burger. You might not be able to go there for a last-minute craving, but it sure is worth the wait. 3378 Erie Ave., Hyde Park

Salazar: Chef Jose Salazar is a man who can take simple, local ingredients and turn them into something extraordinary. His burger is just that: local beef, aged cheddar, bacon, a potato bun and fries with house-made ketchup. Your friends definitely will want a bite; tell them to get their own. 1401 Republic St., Over-the-Rhine

Gaslight Cafe: This humble burger, served in a plastic basket, is anything but humble in flavor. Gaslight's bacon cheeseburger with all of the fixings is substantial, delicious and inexpensive at only $5.65. 6104 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge

Herb and Thelma's: This bar and restaurant dates back to the '30s, the stove they cook the burgers on is from 1945, and the burger is like the one your grandma used to make (but better). This simple burger, hand-pattied daily and steamed on the range, is topped only with cheese, onion and pickles -- and it's delicious. For $3 for a cheeseburger, you can't beat this homemade-tasting goodness. 718 W. Pike St., Covington

Krueger's Tavern: Do you love a Big Mac? Try Krueger's Krueger burger, which takes your fast food favorite and elevates it; you won't go through the drive-thru again. With a brioche bun, freshly ground beef, special sauce and cheese, it's the perfect, finger-licking burger, especially when paired with Krueger's shoestring fries with malt vinegar aioli. 1211 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine

Oakley Pub & Grill: This neighborhood establishment has delicious burgers and a famous Wednesday "burger mania" special. My favorite is the Hawaiian burger: beef topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, grilled pineapple and sriracha mayo. The best part? You can make any burger a veggie burger so your vegetarian friends aren't left out. 3924 Isabella Ave., Oakley

Ollie's Trolley: A staple in the West End, this trolley has fed President Obama and other dignitaries. A Big Ollie Burger is a messy, juicy classic with Ollie Sauce (which tastes like homemade Thousand Island but who knows?), and the barbecue burger is legit, considering the barbecue they make on-site. It's all take-out, but get extra napkins -- you won't make it home without taking a bite. 1607 Central Ave., West End

Troy's Cafe: Whether you're in West Chester or Mason, Troy's Cafe, a chef-owned casual restaurant, has delicious burgers. Try the Troy Burger, a bacon-cheddar burger, or the Cajun Burger, blackened and topped with blue cheese. Both are served with house-made chips. 4877 Smith Road, West Chester; 322 Reading Road, Mason.