Startupalooza: Local entrepreneurs show their stuff this week at Techstars Startup Week

You may be using their products and not know it

CINCINNATI -- This week, Cincinnati will host the first Techstars Startup Week Cincinnati, a free event for and about entrepreneurs in the Queen City.

At sessions centered around Union Hall in the city's trendy Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, you can hear from local entrepreneurs such as Rodney Williams, founder and CEO of LISNR, a startup that sends data using ultrasound. You can also hear from Brian Tome, the pastor of Crossroads, Cincinnati's largest church, about the parallels between faith and entrepreneurship.

But suppose you don't have friends in the startup community, and you're not trying to create the next Uber. Why should you care? How does what's going on at Union Hall touch your life?

If nothing else, you might be using products and services created by local startups every day. But you might not know it.

To hear about local entrepreneurs creating stuff you might use now or might use someday, click the play button below.

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