New Pendleton craft brewery announces opening date

New Pendleton craft brewery announces opening date
Posted at 1:16 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 15:32:52-04

CINCINNATI – When asked to characterize the neighborhood of Pendleton, Tabatha Anderson laughed.

"I'd describe it as our own Mayberry with swag," said the current Pendleton neighborhood council president. She also works at Mr. Bubbles Detailing, a car detailing shop that has operated at 512 E. 13th St. in Pendleton for more than 20 years. 

The small neighborhood that borders Over-the-Rhine at Sycamore Street is an intersection of "historic vibe," she added, with a bit of urban edge and a vibrant arts scene thanks to the Pendleton Art Center at 444 Reading Road.

Anderson plans to celebrate Pendleton's newest business, 3 Points Urban Brewery, when it hosts its grand opening on June 1. The brewery is located at 331 E. 13th St., two blocks away from Mr. Bubbles. One of the microbrewery's founders said 3 Points reflects the edginess, history and artistic community that Anderson believes makes Pendleton unique.

"What we've seen and why we are doing this project is that we want to be a community hub that just happens to serve beer," said Andrew Salzbrun, a partner at Hickory Wald, the company that also owns Nation Kitchen & Bar, Rhinehaus and the Hannaford. "We're not competing with MadTree or Rhinegeist. We're not in that game."

Three Points will open with a 13-barrel brewing system, nine beers on draft and enough space in its taproom to accommodate about 185 people. The taproom will cater to local artists by providing a public gathering space for them and displaying some of their work, said Aaron Westendorf, marketing manager for the brewery.

"We've already gotten some feedback from artists that we work with," Westendorf said. "They feel guilty sitting there (in a coffeehouse) for three hours and are looking for an environment to sit comfortably as a group."

Salzbrun said his company laid out 3 Points' taproom with that mission in mind.

"We've designed this to be able to be broken out into smaller rooms, but you can also give full-scale presentations," he said. 

Salzbrun also considers 3 Points as part of a "third chapter" in the recent revitalization of the neighborhood where he lives.

He cited Hickory Wald's opening of Nation Kitchen & Bar at 1200 Broadway St. in 2015 as a turning point for Pendleton. Salzbrun said his company took a chance by opening the restaurant in the neighborhood, which was once plagued with open-air drug deals, according to a 2005 study conducted by the University of Cincinnati for the city of Cincinnati.  

Since January, Boomtown Biscuit & Whiskey Bar and Lucius Q also have opened in the neighborhood. And 3CDC opened the only outdoor heated public pool in Cincinnati on April 29 at Ziegler Park, which made its debut last summer.

"Unlike the other civic spaces we manage, this is more of a neighborhood place," said Christy Samad, senior vice president of event management for 3CDC. "It's a safe place that people feel comfortable coming to."

This summer 3CDC is organizing a Ziegler Park swim team and will host other programs for children in the neighborhood. 

"Obviously, we want everyone to come to the pool," Samad said. "And it's going to definitely help with the businesses in Pendleton."

Anderson said she's adamant that as Pendleton's revitalization continues, the neighborhood remains welcoming to longtime residents. 

She added that she's happy with the transformation so far, stating that many of the new businesses make it a point to employ longtime residents and that they complement the character of the neighborhood.

"Everyone has been on board," Anderson said. "Most of the folks who opened businesses, we get to know each other. If you don't have the community's back, we won't have yours. It's important to have places that are walkable and have livable wages – a place to start. That's what community is about."

Salzbrun agreed.

"We now have a critical mass," he said. "We now have become a destination. This is where the brewery becomes a cap on this story."