The name of the game: Defining what makes up a 'startup' unfolds into an entire cultural lexicon

Local entrepreneurs run gamut of business process

CINCINNATI -- You might know that Cincinnati has a growing startup community. You might even know that the community's having a celebration this week called Techstars Startup Week Cincinnati, centered around Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine.

You might know all this and have only a vague idea of what a startup is. A new business, yes, but what kind of new business?

If you ask people at Union Hall what a startup is, you might come up with several different definitions.

And if you spend time in the startup world, you'll hear other words that you might not be able to define, words like "accelerator" and "incubator."

That's why we've devised the following glossary of terms common to the startup world. When you've seen it, you'll speak startup fluently -- after just three minutes.

Now, that's a value proposition any business person can appreciate.

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