Is the next mayor more popular than Fiona?

Is the next mayor more popular than Fiona?
Posted at 5:05 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 12:18:47-05

CINCINNATI -- Google seems to know everything.

So we went to to find out who's more popular in the race for mayor: John Cranley or Yvette Simpson? On the internet, at least. 

Overall, Cincinnati Google users searched Simpson the most in 2017. Cranley has had his moments though, too. The week he declared Cincinnati a sanctuary city, for example, searches for his name hit an all-time high. Meanwhile, Google searches for Simpson hit a peak the week she won the mayoral primary back in May. 

The numbers on the chart represent Google searches relative to the "peak" of anyone's best search performance. 

So, are Cincinnati's two mayoral candidates more popular on Google than the Cincinnati Zoo's beloved Fiona the Hippo?

Psh. Get real. 

Cranley vs. Simpson vs. Fiona


If Fiona were running for mayor and Google was the ballot, she'd easily be crowned the city's next mayor. 

We also took a look at how the mayoral candidates stack up on Google against some other Cincinnati favorites. Take a look: 

Cranley vs. Simpson vs. Rhinegeist

Cranley vs. Simpson vs. Goetta

Cranley vs. Simpson vs. FC Cincinnati