Neighborhood break-ins spiked in October

Posted at 10:16 AM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 10:16:30-05

The old adage “bad things come in threes” seemed to play out on several residential streets in Cincinnati neighborhoods last month.

In fact, for some neighbors, bad news came in threes, fours, fives and even sixes.

Cincinnati Police Department crime data show that burglars struck at least three properties along the same stretch of a residential street on 18 different occasions last month.

A WCPO analysis shows the most heists were reported in the 800-900 block of Lexington Avenue in Avondale. Thieves broke into residences at least six different times between October 2 and October 20, according to the data.

Four of those reports were made in the late afternoon or evening hours, while one was reported in the early morning and another in mid-morning.

The same scenario was taking shape along Queen City Avenue in Westwood.

During the month, burglars struck at least five times between the 2500 and 2900 blocks of Queen City, an area laced with small apartments and tree-lined, stand-alone residences.

Other areas with multiple break-ins (three or more) were scattered across the city, along street blocks in 16 different neighborhoods.

The map below shows burglary “hot-spots” during the month.

The darker the map color, the more burglaries within a mile radius of a location. The dark-red colored areas had the highest totals.

The multiple “door-to-door” break-ins come at a time when reported burglaries appear to be on a seasonal decline citywide.

Data show there were at least 368 burglaries reported in October, about 45 less than in September.

This year, city burglary reports peaked in July and August, when many homeowners take vacations.

For more information about burglaries and other reported crimes, check out WCPO’s interactive map database, which gives a month-by-month breakdown of crime activity in neighborhoods across the city.

Open the Cincinnati crime interactive map.