Posted at 8:00 AM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 10:25:28-05

After 146 years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is packing up its tent forever. Perhaps they know to go when the going is good -- after all, how could they ever compete with the new circus in the White House?

But with every cartoon I draw, there are sketches of other ideas I've worked on. Below are three of the sketches I drew with this 'toon.


First up is the sketch I made for the finished cartoon. It was pretty close to the final idea to begin with, and I didn't have to do much to it.


Next, I couldn't help but play off the president placing his hand on the Bible while taking the Oath of Office. And what could be more appropriate a Bible for Trump than his very own (but totally ghostwritten) The Art of the Deal. As I sketched this out, I couldn't help but think to of the cartoon legendary Washington Post editorial cartoonist Herblock drew on Richard Nixon's inauguration. Herblock and Nixon were old adversaries, and Herblock always drew Nixon with his signature five o'clock shadow. On Inauguration Day 1969, Herblock drew a cartoon giving the new president "a free shave," an olive branch to Nixon. It didn't last. I drew Trump with tiny, squiggly hands, something I've been adding to my more recent cartoons. Guess I'm not as nice as Herblock.


The last sketch took a different tack. So many millions of people feel defeated with Trump's victory. But no one should give in to despair. Taking the words of President Barack Obama's farewell address, I wanted to encourage people to "lace up their shoes" and get out to be active citizens. Millions of Americans didn't vote this past Election Day, taking our democracy for granted. None of us, on either side of the political spectrum, can afford to do that.

Kevin Necessary is the editorial cartoonist for WCPO. His opinions do not reflect those of WCPO.