How are White House hopefuls spending cash?

Posted at 8:00 AM, Apr 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 20:43:10-04

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Presidential hopefuls have spent $525 million – and counting – on the race for the White House latest finance reports show.

Many candidates spent more money than ever in March during several pivotal primary contests, including one here in Ohio.

But spending and fundraising is winding down for some candidates that still remain.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was running low on cash as of March 31, the latest financial data available. Kasich reported only $1.16 million on hand at the start of April.

Kasich spent a good chunk of cash – nearly $3 million – in the 15 days ahead of the Ohio primary, where he secured his first and only win in the race. He spent more money in March than any other month so far during the campaign. 

Kasich is not the only one running into financial woes. Following a series of losses in northeastern primaries on April 26, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders announced he would lay off hundreds of staffers. His campaign finance reports show he’s blown through $165 million and had $17.4 million in the bank on April 1. Last month was also Sanders’ most expensive period in the race.

Meanwhile, fundraising will only get harder from here on out for many of the candidates, experts say. Some big political donors, especially in the Republican Party, are turning their attention away from the presidential race and focusing their dollars on competitive congressional seats.

“At this point, the big-money people in the party are not willing to put any more in the election,” said Chris Kelley, a political science professor at Miami University. “They’re now moving down ballot … trying to help the House and Senate.

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