Frame game: ASM Custom Framing can preserve a memory or help a nonprofit raise funds, or both

Sports memorabilia only part of its expertise
Frame game: ASM Custom Framing can preserve a memory or help a nonprofit raise funds, or both
Posted at 8:00 AM, May 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-27 08:00:32-04

WEST CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Newly opened ASM Custom Framing is breaking the mold and framing not only your most special posters, images and keepsakes, but also a positive partnership with the surrounding community.

"ASM is unique in the fact that we are a one-stop shop for all of your custom framing needs," said general manager Anthony Groeber.

Senior framing artist Kelly Stewart of ASM Custom Framing admires her finished design on a game-room Monopoly piece.

The business offers more than 400 frame samples and multiple colors of framing mats. ASM can frame family photos, posters, jerseys, military uniforms and even guitars. It's a small business (for now) with hometown roots and has none of that big-box retailer feel. Its showroom looks like an art gallery.

Kelly Stewart of Hamilton is the senior framing artist at ASM. She has more than 35 years of experience in the business and is well-known in the community for her work. She believes custom framing gives the customer choice.

"They can get it done exactly the way they want it," she said. "Sometimes when you buy a ready-made mat, it's not made to fit your picture. Your mat is too wide on one side and it looks a little off. But if I custom-frame it it's going to look exactly the way you want it."

Anthony Groeber

Also, she said she can keep the costs down, which may sound surprising to some.

Helping the community is also part of the picture at ASM Custom Framing. Groeber said ASM has fundraising programs that can help raise money for charities big and small.

 "We offer a huge variety of items that do great at silent auction-type events, from sports and entertainment to military and cartoons," he said.

 The charity "is guaranteed to make money on anything that is bid on," Groeber said.

John Yonas

ASM Custom Framing is the brainchild of local attorney John Yonas, its president and owner. He bought the business as a hobby in 2016, but then saw potential for growth.

"When approached with this business opportunity, it seemed like an exciting venture that could do a lot of good for the community," he said. "By building this venture into a successful business, we would be able to make a meaningful difference with a lot of not-for-profit organizations."

Yonas points out that ASM Custom Framing is not a traditional custom framing shop.

"We provide a different experience for our custom framing customers. We believe that our quality and pricing is very competitive," he said.

Yonas said the ASM differs from its competitors because it has more than just sports items.

"We have television, movie, military, scenic, game room and historical items to provide a wide variety of product offerings for a charitable event," he said.

But the main difference between ASM and its competitors, according to Yonas, is that ASM wants to partner up with organizations to help them raise money throughout the year rather than for one big event.

Previously, Groeber had worked for 11 years with a large nonprofit that provided services to senior citizens in Hamilton County.

"I feel like my experience in the nonprofit industry helps me understand the financial constraints they face, and we can help offer some solutions to close those gaps," he said.