9 things you didn't know about University of Cincinnati Interim President Beverly Davenport

Posted at 7:00 AM, Oct 28, 2016

CINCINNATI -- University of Cincinnati Interim President Beverly Davenport is hustling trying to fill the shoes of Santa Ono, but she finds time for the occasional Holtman's donut. Mediation? A work in progress, as her answers to this week's "9 questions" reveal.

1 - Your hometown and your favorite thing about growing up there.

Bowling Green, Kentucky. The people are warm and friendly. There is a great university (Western Kentucky) that brings a broader national and global culture than one might find in other towns of its size. It’s really pretty, and it’s home. It gives me a sense of place and identity and pride in all that's good about the south.

2 - What's the hardest job you ever had? 

The president of UC is right up there. The provost is in the running.

3 - What's your favorite junk food?

Holtman’s Donuts. Who can resist?

4 - What food can you not stand?

Seaweed or anything slimy like boiled okra. Fish ovaries are pretty high on the list as well.

5 - What's your secret talent?

My dad taught me how to play poker.

6 - Name an item on your bucket list.


7 - What about UC makes you most proud?

The narrative about fight, family and future. The sense of optimism. The fight to the finish, never-give-up tenacity that moves the university forward. The words in the alma mater, "Thy loyal, loyal children we will be."

8 - What's the biggest piece of unfinished business you'd like to accomplish during your tenure?

More scholarships, especially need-based; a National Cancer Institute designation; more endowed professorships and diverse faculty hires; and a more diverse and inclusive student body.

9 - Something else readers would be interested to know about you?

I am repeatedly asked if I’m exhausted, repeatedly told my rapid pace is exhausting, and I continue to feel energized every day nearly all day long.