9 gifts Mom and Dad will love (Sure, time with you is top choice, but what else would they like?)

Photos, items that evoke memories do the trick
Posted at 10:22 AM, Dec 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-17 10:22:55-05

CINCINNATI -- We know what you’re thinking: They’ve already got everything. What in the world could they need?

And, of course: What could our parents and in-laws really want for Christmas?

Good questions. So you want to get your parents (or, maybe even worse, your in-laws) something good for Christmas – something they won’t immediately take back on Dec. 26.

Good luck, right? But it seems luck is on your side this holiday season, as we have compiled nine amazing gift ideas for the parents (or grandparents) in your family.

From personal ornaments to scrapbooks to Instagram calendars, there are dozens of great (and inexpensive) ideas. Behold, here are nine affordable things to get them. Get ready to make those old folks cry. You're going to get a ton of brownie points when you give them ...

9. Picture mugs ... or puzzles. Or blankets.

Several companies put family pictures on cool things – puzzles, mugs, blankets. Various sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly can do this, along with CVS, Walgreens and others retailers. Price: Most are less than $20. But what are they worth? They're priceless.

8. A personal calendar.

You can make your own yearlong calendar using Instagram-type pics. Here's the deal: If you get one for a family member, be prepared to get them for everyone. They will be very popular. Price: Luckily, they can be made for $10.

7. A donation.

You could donate to his or her alma mater by making a gift in their name. They’ll love it, and you can feel good about helping the school. Price: Give as much as you like.

6. Anything involving the grandchildren.

One site offers deals where you can put little hands and feet in a wet concrete-like substance so the grandparents can keep it for all eternity. Price: Under $30.

5. Snacks or flowers.

Two words: Shari’s Berries. They're delicious and easy to order. Or, another two: Pro Flowers. They're beautiful and easy to order. Price: Gifts start at $19.99.

4. Ornaments.

They can be homemade, which means they're cheap but meaningful. Price: A few dollars, at most.

3. A scrapbook of your life.

Clean out that basement and turn all of your old accomplishments into a cool scrapbook for them. Price: As cheap as you want it to be.

2. Recycled T-shirts.

Know how to sew? Take old, but meaningful T-shirts and make them into a quilt. Price: Under $15.

Know how to sew or quilt? Use that skill to create a unique holiday present for your parents or grandparents.

1. An artistic photo for the wall.

Turn a favorite photo into a piece of wall art. Price: Under $25.

And ... a bonus. It may take the largest amount of your time, but check this out:

Bonus: Converted home movies to DVD.

Take those old home movies and convert them to DVD or mp4. Trust us, there will not be a dry eye in the house when you show them this. Many companies offer these services, but beware: Once you convert those movies, you know you'll be forced to watch them all over again. Still, the gift is well worth it. Price: Starting at $24.96.