Cincy Health Department priorities include infant mortality, mental health issues

Posted at 5:01 PM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 17:01:51-05

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Health Department announced its 2020-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), including its plan to prioritize four key health issues in Cincinnati.

The top four priorities listed are:

  1. Behavioral and mental health
  2. Food access and nutrition
  3. Infant mortality
  4. Access to health care

The CHIP is a collaborative effort from government agencies, health care providers, non-profits and academia that pinpoints key areas for improvement within the community.

"The health of a community is determined by the physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of all community residents," the Health Department wrote in a press release. "Achieving such a complex state of being is one that requires engagement of the community and an understanding of the complex determinants for each aspect of health."

In 2019, the Cincinnati Health Department gathered a group of 60 community partners to review local findings of the 2019 Regional Community Health Needs Assessment, which resulted in the list of targeted priorities released by the Health Department on Tuesday.

The CHIP is conducted every three years, taking new data into consideration to ensure the plan is working to address current needs within the community, the Department wrote in its press release.

"This plan is the result of a collaborative effort to bring multiple organizations together to identify the gaps and barriers and work together to take action in these priority areas," the press release states. "These are people that are decision makers, advocates and “boots on the ground” partners that come together to make change to improve health in Cincinnati."